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We asked fave Aussie act Montaigne (Jess Cerro) to put together our GO FORTH playlist. “I would love that!” she responded, “playlisting is my specialty.” We LOVE her wild list that brings together David Bowie, The National and Carly Rae Jepsen, amongst others!

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CW: a couple of f-bombs ahead.

WinWin: Hey Jess! Why these choices?

Jess: I’ve interpreted GO FORTH eclectically, trying to tackle it from several different vantage points.

Declare Independence, Meltdown, Wake Up, Give Peace A Chance, and Si Se Puede tell stories from a collective perspective – fomenting passion for and action towards a better Something, whether it be an uprising against subjugation, a revolt against evil, an end to political corruption and war, or more togetherness.

These songs remind us that life is a team sport – success depends on healthy collaboration, co-operation.

By Ourselves, Rebel Rebel, Don’t Stop Me Now, and Party For One tell stories of individual decisions to move on, to go out, to celebrate our independence, freedom, and selfness, to be exactly who we are when others (sometimes inadvertently) try to project or impose their own templates onto us.

Graceless, I So Liked Spring, and Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer tell of how difficult it can be to go forth. It’s important to acknowledge and process the intransigence of the heart which struggles so stubbornly against the rational mind. We must try to understand and respect that sometimes it will be uncomfortable or difficult. When we value the necessary existence of the dark, we better value the light.

In For Your Love, I am reflecting on my first and so far only boyfriend. It was a short relationship, but it was long enough. It’s difficult to unpack, he was such a complex character. I created the song with international songwriters Mozella and Kyle Shearer. The chorus starts with an escape where the character discovers a way out of the toxic relationship via taking a red pill (ala the Matrix), before the revelation is instantly wiped via a reset button. It’s supposed to be a little uncomfortable, the whole song is supposed to emphasise being dehumanised… that is how it felt. Especially me as a fiercely independent and independent-thinking person. To have gotten sucked into that, I know I’m better than that.

For Your Love is a valuable documentation of that moment in my life. It’s a cautionary tale. It was a good learning experience. It was the most extreme first relationship I could ever get into.