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Below, a reader is struggling with priorities.

As Director (of) People and Culture at Nine, Vanessa Morley helps people navigate their own path every day. She’s here to help.

What should I prioritise?

— your letter —

Dear WinWin,

There are so many opportunities available to me at the moment but not enough time. There’s school leadership positions, early uni programs, a casual job. How do I choose what things to go for and what to skip without missing out on valuable experiences?
~ Chia, 16

— love from WinWin —

Dear Chia,

What a great question Chia. These days we have more options than ever — and there’s always just a touch of FOMO if we don’t do everything!

So my answer might not be the easiest to help you choose… because no matter what it is you do, in that moment, it is all a valuable experience. You can probably try and do a little of all — and it could be great.

Casual jobs teach you so much about responsibility and money, school leadership programs and starting uni can also be amazing. But these experiences will only be valuable if you are able to lean in make the most of it.

So I’d suggest doing the things that make you feel like you are giving yourself the most — whether that is a learning opportunity, or happiness —whatever that is for you.

Just do it for you. And when you’re in it — allow yourself to really experience it.

Don’t think about what you might be missing out on. Life passes you by that way! All of the experiences you have, whether it’s the things you listed or time with friends and family, are what make you the person you will be.

~ Vanessa


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