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bobo & flex

Co-hosts of popular podcast Bobo and Flex, Bobo Matjila and Lillian Ahenkan (AKA Flex Mami) are cross-continental friends and modern-day philosphers on love and sex. They tell Joanna Wright what they know of themselves and each other. Strap yourselves in!

Lillian Ahenkan AKA Flex Mami

What I know about Bobo: 
I know she’s one of my favourite truth tellers and philosophers. Committed to learning, unlearning and giving us tools needed to understand that life/living is so much more than existing in this skin-suit we call a body. 

What surprises me about Bobo: 
The more I get to know her I realise we are fundamentally SO different. This only comes as a surprise to me because upon meeting her for the first time in NYC (2018) I was convinced we had to be the same person. 

Favourite Bobo-ism: 
Loosely paraphrased, “dogma imprisons you, more than it liberates you. The same ideologies you use to define you will be the same that obstruct you from building nuance” and “get your titties sucked”.

What I know about social media:
It’s a direct, albeit amplified impression of society, so we shouldn’t treat it like an entity that is separate from us. We created the rules, ethics and expected practices. 

What I know about love and sex:
That the practice of both will be different for every person in the entire world, so instead of trying to constantly figure it out, I vow to just experience it. 

Bobo Matjila AKA Bobo

What I know about Lil:
Lil is quite possibly the smartest and most unpredictable bitch in the world. She’s also the funnest person to have a conversation with because you can never predict her thoughts on any topic. It’s ALWAYS a surprise — and I loveeee it! I’m pretty sure when she’s done taking over the entertainment industry, she’ll probably run for President. And win. 🙂

Thing that surprises me about Lil:
She’s an undercover softie! Haha! As much as she’s a fiery, Aries, turbo bitch; her Pisces placements jump out in the most unexpected ways.

Favourite Lil-ism:
“Your white king watches ebony porn!!!!!”
Lil single-handedly ended racism with that one sentence, and we all reached enlightenment immediately upon hearing it. It perfectly encapsulates the duality of man and racial dynamics, but also the human tendency to project our insecurities onto people without realising that insecurities and fears become self-fulfilling prophecies.

What I know about social media:
It’s not real life! Social media is literally just our way of escaping ourselves by creating idealised and alternate versions of ourselves. I think ten years from now, we’re gonna look at social media the way we look at cigarettes, and we’re gonna be so disgusted that we allowed addictive algorithms to terrorise and manipulate our kids. 🙁

What I know about love and sex:
Is there anything more important than love and sex? LOL. I’m pretty sure the only thing that’s real in this life is love, but also — what’s better than getting your titties sucked? Nothing. Life is hella short, so love as much as humanly possible. 🙂