WinWin Magazine Edition Three WinWin Magazine Edition Three

London calling.

It’s time to take a walk across the Monopoly Board, and make a pilgrimage to the motherland: London. 

Tea-soaked biscuits, Buckingham Palace, Harry Styles… it’s a city that rivals New York, albeit a cobblestone jungle instead of a concrete one, in its food, people and culture. Steeped in history, there’s something about London that grabs ahold of your heart. 

From the high streets prime for people watching, to the museums and art galleries brimming with new discoveries and the hole-in-the-wall cafes, bars and music venues of its boroughs, Queen Elizabeth’s hometown is a diverse, eclectic city with plenty to discover, whether it’s your first visit or you’re basically a local. 

To prepare you for your trip — or even just inspire the possibility of one — we’ve got everything from which magazines to read and films to watch (a lot of Hugh Grant), to the insider advice on where to eat, visit, people-watch and shop. 

London — with its many magic and mysterious moments — has an enduring romance about it, one that stays with you long after you leave it.