WinWin Magazine Edition Two WinWin Magazine Edition Two

The period products we choose.

It’s no longer a case of
“Got your period?”
‘Too bad…’

A bundle of (somewhat) recent developments in the product department mean we can be more comfortable, while doing more for the planet, reports Demi Spaccavento.

All about cups.

Brands to look at:
To try out a period cup, some brands to research include Saalt, Lunette and JuJu. Nourished Life and your local health food shop are also stockists.

Reusable pads.

Curious about reusable pads?
Some brands include Hannah Pad and Juju Pad. Reusable pads are stocked by Nourished Life, and even your local health food store!

Organic products.

The goods:
A couple of brands that are doing great organic things are TOM Organic and Tsuno!

Period undies.

Period undies can be purchased Nourished Life, Modibodi and THINX.