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Everyday girls, Melbourne.

Everyday girls, Melbourne.

On a (super hot) Melbourne day, WinWin duo Lizzie and Geena went looking for some girls to talk about their clothes. They found them retreating indoors, in the aircon of their local shopping centre!

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Nina, 22

My style is fun and colourful with lots of patterns. I used to worry about what people thought of my outfits, but now I wear what is comfy and what I love.

My favourite piece in my wardrobe that I don’t get the chance to wear a lot is a dress that my grandma had when she was a teenager. It’s a velvet long-sleeved floor-length dress with embroidered flowers on the side. I really want to wear it once!

My mum has great style. I am also influenced by the artists I love and buying from local Melbourne designers.

It was really hot and I love these shorts – they don’t really go with a lot – so I wanted the chance to wear them.

Eliza, 22

I like changing the colour of my hair; pink is my favourite. I really love the bright colours of 90s fashion. I absolutely love Hayley Williams from Paramore, I think she has the best wardrobe. She’s probably my main inspiration! I always like to look at what is trending, but I pick stuff up if I like it.

I bought these pants and the girl working was like ‘corduroy is coming back’ and I was like ‘when did it ever go?’

At the moment, I am obsessed with these corduroy pants. I also love big jumpers, I have this one that has a giant Mickey Mouse print on it. I don’t think I will ever wear it – but it holds value to me.

Georgia, 21

My style is summery and floral. I am also really into stripes and bright colours at the moment. I used to wear darker colours: all black!

Naomi, 21,
Graphic Designer

I would describe my style as ‘op shop meets handmade.’ I’m inspired by my grandmother’s fabrics – it’s all from the 70s, 80s. I try and steer clear of trends as much as possible. One of my favourite pieces is a skirt that is made out of ties! That’s pretty cool.

Emily, 25
Fashion Production Manager

My style has changed recently; I went from colour to monochrome only! I’m inspired by seeing things on Instagram and social media. I prefer to buy expensive things for an occasion rather than follow trends. My favourite item in my wardrobe is my leather jacket!

Kate, 28
Product Developer

Lately I’ve introduced a little bit more colour into my wardrobe, but I’ve gone for mainstream with a bit of a “goth” vibe. Watching runway shows influences me, and I prefer to buy for the occasion.
Today I wanted to wear something a bit more work-appropriate.

Bella, 21

I would say that my style is minimalistic, but in the last five years, I have tried to avoid fast fashion and buy more staple pieces.

I’m influenced by my friends, people I follow on Instagram, particularly artists!

My favourite wardrobe piece is a black linen dress that is similar to a pair of overalls – I really like it.

I’m influenced by my friends,
people I follow on Instagram,
particularly artists!

Korrie, 19

I’ve come more into fashion in the last five years. I didn’t really care when I was younger. I really love high-waisted stuff! I usually wear track pants or leggings, but I thought I would dress a bit nicer as I am in a different city – show Melbourne my style!

Sam, 20
Travel Agent

My style has changed heaps from comfy style to being ‘with it’ (more on trend). Always comfortable, never not comfortable. My favourite wardrobe item is some NIKE leggings, they’re really comfortable. I am never not in them really!

Ashley, 20

We’re hip hop dancers, but I’ve tried to change to a more ‘girly’ style recently. I watch a lot of dance videos from Korea. I get a lot of my inspiration from that. I love denim jackets, you can make a boring outfit look better!

Kirsten, 19

My style has changed significantly, I used to be a tomboy – I still kinda am, I guess!

My friends introduce me to a lot of things, and I’m inspired by seeing what people wear around me, Youtube and people I look up to, I guess!

I wore this today because I thought it was really cute and the shorts and the sweater matched together!

My style has changed significantly,
I use to be a tomboy –
I still kinda am, I guess!

Rahel, 23

I think my style is funky. I like to wear clothes that make me stand out. I used to be more ‘basic’, not really out there – I would only feel comfortable in monochrome colours and jeans.  

I am influenced by my friends and, I would say, media. I get a lot of fashion from scrolling though Instagram.

My favourite pieces are my blouses. I have a lot of them, and I like how I can throw them on top of any outfit. Like today – it was boiling hot and I needed to wear something easy to chuck on!