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LOUD fashion is a mood.

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“To what extent can you say something with clothing, literally?”

So mused Viktor Worsting and Rolf Snoeren backstage at their Spring 2019 couture show, sending a rainbow parade of avant-garde dresses down the runway inspired by the internet’s best memes. Ripe for straight-to-social posting, these brightly-hued tulle constructions with puffed sleeves and tiered skirts were full of volume in every sense of the word.

Bearing messages like “I want a better world,” “I am my own muse,” or simply “Freedom,” the Viktor&Rolf slogans and graphics are almost the antithesis to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” and other toxic messages infiltrating our social media feeds.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve, your chest, or your head has become an undeniably impactful way to express your solidarity – or even just your mood. Here are some conversation starters that literally speak for themselves.

T-Shirt, Romance Was Born, $275
T-Shirt, Sandro Paris, $135
(left to right)
Dress, Discount Universe, $499
Dress, Discount Universe, $299
Cap, Tory Sport, $68
(left to right)
Sweatshirt, Sandro Paris, $142
Sweatshirt, Mother of Pearl, $282
Hoodie, Double Rainbouu, $195
Sandals, Tretorn, $71
(top to bottom)
Clutch, From St Xavier, $110
Tote, Third Drawer Down x Frances Cannon, $30
Tote, Third Drawer Down x David Shrigley, $32
Clutch, From St Xavier, $110
T-Shirt, Etre Cecile, $130
Top, Gorman, $90
Pants, Gorman $249


Discount Universe
Double Rainbouu
Etre Cecile
From St Xavier
Mother of Pearl
PE Nation
Romance Was Born
Sandro Paris
Third Drawer Down
Tory Sport