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Accentuate 👏 your 👏 assets:
our organic makeup guru Georgina Alexandra shows us three handy ways with highlighter that’ll light up the room!

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Learning to make conscious choices about the best highlighter for every occasion, and even more importantly for your complexion, is something I always encourage. Using highlighter the right way creates light and shade on your face, thus defining your gorgeous features without requiring a full-blown Kimmy K makeover!

Nobody wants to show up to Sunday brunch looking like a shiny disco ball… Contour your eyes, cheeks and nose by using highlighter and being careful with your placement.

We want to look like our healthy, beautiful selves, and save that extra shimmer for party time when your cheekbones will light up the room!

And the best thing is that you can achieve these amazing results with natural, organic, non-toxic products that won’t damage your complexion.

I am going to show you three ways to highlight using an oil, liquid and powder. Let’s get started…

The good oil

Liquid shine

Powder glow

Remember this: your skin will glow when your soul glows. Be kind, be loving and put your inner self first. I promise that your skin will thank you for it and shine as brightly as you feel!
~ Georgina xx

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